Illuminated Night Owl

Low running cost… up to 75% more energy efficient than conventional fluorescent illuminated systems.

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Illuminated Night Owl:

Complying with BS 8442 Pt 14, the one-piece, passively safe, Illuminated Night Owl uses patent applied for* technologies to bond Reflex and highly durable rigid polymer materials together, producing the tried and tested Night Owl base section that flexes on impact, bonded irreversibly to a strong, rigid sign carrier. This reduces the characteristic cracking and crazing found in the graphics of inferior products.Low running cost… up to 75% more energy efficient than conventional fluorescent illuminated systems.

  • High light output (Class L1).
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable bounce back performance, irrespective of the type of impact (side scrape, side swipe or front on) with no mechanical parts to fail.
  • Withstand impacts up to 100km/h, returns to upright, ensuring hazard remains illuminated and clearly marked (BS EN 12767:2007 100 NE4).
  • High reliability Cree LED light source mounted completely below ground level to prevent damage on impact or direct wheel drive over.
  • Translucent fluorescent, retroreflective material used as standard for high visibility (Approved to BS8408).
  • Single or double sided options.
  • Retroreflective panel on the bollard edge provides outstanding visibility.
  • Factory sealed, IP67 rated light box fits securely within durable duct box (Duct box included as standard.)
  • Adapter plates available to allow the Illuminated Night Owl to be fixed to popular base boxes.
  • LED and power supply warrantied to be free from defects in materials, components and workmanship for six years.


• Bollard colour: White/translucent
• Overall height: 1023.5mm
• Max. bollard width: 395mm
• Max. bollard depth: 110mm
• Base dimensions: 320 x 320mm
• Fixing centres: 228 x 228mm
• Sign face diameter: 300mm
• Front/rear reflector visible area: 0.16m2 (BS 8442 requires 0.15m2 min)
• Side reflector area: 0.045m2 (BS 8442 requires a minimum of 0.02)
• Weight: Bollard 4.6kg, duct box 4.0kg, light box and junction box 1.9kg
• Electrical: 240V – Illuminated 6.6 Watts – 10.0 VA – power factor 0.67
• Non-illuminated 0.3W – 3.9 VA
• UMSUG Code: 40 0007 0006 100
• Light output: L1 of BS12899 for trans-illuminated signs
• Photocell: 55 lux; Switch ratio 1:0.5 typical
• Estimated burn hours, 4115 per annum
• Lower edge of face conspicuity panel is 138mm above ground level.
• Lower edge of side conspicuity panel is 174mm above ground level (BS 8442 requires 100mm > 200mm).
• Materials: UV stabilised, ‘Reflex’ grade, flexible polyethylene & UV stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

Refer to downloads for fixing options

Sign Options:Illuminated Night Owl can be fitted with single or double-sided signs. Legal sign options for Highway use include: ref. 610 keep left, ref. 610 keep right, ref. 611 dual arrows, blank white.


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