Night Owls Stand the Test of Time

In 2009, Rotherham MBC purchased several of the recently launched Night Owl self-righting, retroreflective bollards from Leafield Environmental. Some nine years later we are pleased to announce that these bollards are still in excellent condition and doing a great job.

Independently tested and proven at MIRA to be passively safe to BS EN 12767:2007, Night Owls conform to all relevant British Standards and can withstand repeated impacts and the ‘trampling’ action of wheels running over the top of the bollard.

Night Owl’s durability is largely down to having no mechanical components to impede performance and to incorporating two different materials in its construction… a flexible polymer base to ensure excellent ‘bounce-back’ performance and a rigid polymer body to maximise sign face and conspicuity panel adhesion.

If seeing is believing, keep your eyes peeled the next time you travel through Rotherham.