Robust Passively Safe Junction Marker from Leafield Environmental

The safety marker Sentry™ Bollard from Leafield Environmental is claimed to make a positive contribution to traffic safety.

Despite routine signposting, road users often have difficulty identifying the junctions of minor roads with rural ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads, especially at night or in poor visibility. This presents a hazard with cars suddenly braking to make a turn or not slowing sufficiently to allow for obscured vehicles coming out of a turning.

The Sentry™ Bollard was developed specifically to mark the precise position of these junctions; to be placed either side of the in-coming minor road.

At 1.125 metres the Sentry™ Bollard is a full 100mm taller than a traditional highway bollard and is available with either 150mm retroreflective banding or in a ‘Visibol™’ format with up to four of these bands for even greater visibility. Banding can be specified as Class ref 1 and Class ref 2 in accordance with BS EN 12899-1:2007.

Offered in white and a wide choice of other colours, the Sentry™ Bollard is manufactured by Leafield from a durable thermoplastic polymer that will withstand extremes of temperature and will never chip, rust or require painting…and weighing in at only 7kg it is easy to handle and install. Ground fixing can be either permanent, socketed or surface mount and an anti-ram variant is also available.

The Sentry™ Bollard can also be specified in ‘Reflex’ self righting material to reduce injury and damage to vehicles as well as cutting down maintenance repair costs.