New high ‘defender’ TSI Edge Bollards to protect cyclists

Leafield Highways, a division of Leafield Environmental have launched a brand-new Traffic Signs Inspired (TSI) Edge cycle bollard range to provide a highly visible separation between cycling and traffic lanes.  The TSI Edge bollards have been designed to offer a maintenance free, easy to install and durable solution to protect cyclists and prevent vehicle damage.   

The TSI Edge cycle bollard range features a high ‘defender’ wall on the traffic facing side and a low sloping face on the cycle lane side.

The standard base island is available in black and is made from a blend of reclaimed MDPE and recycled bottles (subject to material availability) and the white version is made from MDPE (virgin) and a blend of recycled bottles (subject to material availability).   It features a four-point fixing to the ground. The base can feature class RA1 or RA2 side reflectors and two small, optional, front and rear class RA2 end reflectors. The base island dimensions are 100mm(H) X 175mm(D) x 1000mm(W).

The bollards are available in two different styles.  A partial reflex option with an upper section (85%) MDPE and base section (15%) reflex material.  Or a fully flexible option manufactured in 100% reflex material. The bollard will sit within the recess of the base island.  The bollard dimensions are 76mm(dia) x 1040mm (H) (overall including separator height above separator surface is 1000mm H). The bollards can feature two 75mm class RA2 reflector bands or one Visibol 60% class RA2 reflector band (when supplied in red, and with one 60% reflector, this bollard will comply with the requirements of the TSRDG). The TSI Edge bollards are available in a variety of colours. The black version is available in reclaimed MDPE (subject to material availability).

The reflector material for the TSI Edge bollard range has been purchased and manufactured in accordance with the CE marking standard.

For more information view the TSI Edge or contact us.