New easy to install Cycle Lane Separator Bollards

Leafield Highways, a division of Leafield Environmental have launched a brand-new Cycle Lane Separator (CLS) bollard range that is easy to install, durable and maintenance free. The range has been designed and manufactured in-house in Wiltshire for a highly visible separation between cycle lanes and traffic lanes. There are three different styles available; CLS Bollard, CLS Modular Island and CLS DB Island.

The CLS bollard features a reflex material base combined with a rigid MDPE post, ensuring the bollard will withstand multiple impacts and will return upright without any damage and replacement costs.  The two RA2 (high intensity) reflective bands are recessed to further reduce the potential damage with vehicle impacts.  Available in a wide choice of colours and multiple heights. Fixing options available in shield, asphalt and concrete anchors.

The CLS Modular Traffic calming island features a flexible polymer post allowing the bollard to withstand multiple impacts and return upright into the modular traffic calming island base system. The two recessed areas for 360-degree RA2 (high intensity) reflective bands will also reduce vehicle impacts. Available in various colours, heights and lengths.

The CLS DB Island features a vulcanised rubber ‘DB’ base, a flexible polymer post ensuring the bollard, with two visible reflective RA2 (high intensity) bands, will withstand vehicle impacts. Available in two heights and lengths.

The reflector material for the CLS bollard range have been purchased and manufactured in accordance with the CE marking standard.

Cities including Bristol, Liverpool, St Helens, Ealing, North Tyneside, Bradford and Birmingham currently have Leafield’s new CLS Bollard range.

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