Active Travel Products

Leafield Highways, a leading UK manufacturer and designer of active travel products are proud to be supplying their high-quality cycle lane bollards to many cities including Bristol, Liverpool, St Helens, Ealing, North Tyneside, Bradford and Birmingham. 

The active travel products were designed to provide highly visible separation between cycle lanes, traffic lanes, walkways, footpaths, and green spaces. Leafield’s Cycle Lane Separator (CLS) bollard range, Traffic Signs Inspired (TSI) Edge and Linsign Cycle Lane (LCL) range are all easy to install, durable and maintenance free.

The Cycle Lane Separator (CLS) bollard range has four different styles available: CLS Bollard, CLS Modular Edge, CLS DB Edge and CLS Modular Splitter Edge. The reflector material for the CLS bollard range have been purchased and manufactured in accordance with the CE marking standard.

The Traffic Signs Inspired (TSI) Edge cycle bollard range features a high ‘defender’ wall on the traffic facing side and a low sloping face on the cycle lane side. There are three different styles available: TSI 100 Bollard, TSI Bezel Bollard and TSI Edge.

The Linsign Cycle Lane (LCL) bollard range has been designed to provide highly visible separation lanes in walkways, footpaths, and green spaces. With an option of 150mm or 300mm sign faces that can be used single or double sided.

Mike Brewer from Bristol City Council said: “Leafield Environmental has been a pleasure to work with and has delivered a quality product on time at a reasonable price. The bollards have proven to be extremely robust; despite being sited in a tough environment we haven’t lost one yet. I’m sure we’ll be using Leafield and its products in future.”