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Night Owl passes High Speed Impact Test at 70km/h

Night Owl passes High Speed Impact Test at 70km/h

The new Night Owl Keep Left Bollard, from  LEAFIELD Environmental (Formally known as Linpac Environmental), has impressively passed an official independent High Impact Resistance Test at 70km/h, returning, intact, to an upright position after the vehicle impact.

The test, which can be viewed on, is one of a number that Night Owl has passed and the product now meets, both, BS8442:2006 (14) for Retro Reflective Self Righting Bollards and BS12767 Passive Safety of Non Harmful Structures with a rating of 70,NE,4. As a result Night Owl is an approved product for use by the DfT. Commenting on the success Paul Black, General Manager, said ‘the performance in the Passive Safety Test is particularly relevant to all vehicle users as it measures the degree to which the vehicle is slowed as a result of the impact with the bollard. A speed reduction below 3km/h is required and Night Owl achieves 2.6km/h which means that on impact occupants do not experience sudden vehicle deceleration which causes ‘whiplash’ type injuries’.

A key feature of the Night Owl Bollard is the unique domed shaped ‘bounce back’ base made of tough ‘reflex’ material. This gives reliable ‘bounce back’ performance irrespective of the angle and type of impact i.e. side scrape, side swipe or front on. A moulded-in screw thread on the top of the Base units means that Signs can be easily removed and replaced, in under a minute, which reduces danger to Highway Contractors and inconvenience to road users.

The Sign is equally strong able to withstand damage from the ‘trampling’ action of HGV wheels running over the top. Diamond grade, fluorescent, retro reflective material (DG3) used throughout including the edge detail where the product is best in class for visibility in standard format.

A wide range of alternative Signage developed by Leafield can be fixed to the same base unit providing a consistent and coherent streetscape. Importantly recyclable plastic material is used throughout making it suitable for environmental re-use. 

For more information on this press release, please contact Stuart Bunting, Marketing Manager at Leafield Environmental. Tel: 01225 816500 email:

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